How to:

  1. With your tutor, a friend or on your own you can browse through this directory to find opportunities to support your wellbeing.
  2. First, select where you are based (Cornwall or Exeter)
  3. Then you will be brought to the search page where you can narrow down options according to your interests or needs.

    The filter bar on the left hand side of the page has three main categories:
    • On campus or in the community – some of the entries are based on campus whilst others are out in the community, based in Exeter/Penryn or the nearby area. If you would rather the organisation/society be based on Campus or would rather it be off-campus you can use this category to adjust your search results
    • Concern – If you have a particular element you need support with, such as loneliness, mental health or fatigue you can filter for targeted opportunities with this option
    • Interests – If you already know you’re interested in certain areas or you’d like to get involved in something completely new this section will let you narrow down your search for opportunities ticking your boxes.
  4. If you’re struggling to find opportunities meeting your needs have a little play around with the search filters, you never know what you might find!
  5. Once you’ve got your list of results you can click on whichever opportunities catch your eye to see more details. Each opportunity has a little description to help you gauge whether you’d like to get involved.
  6. Contact details for a ‘connector’ are listed on each opportunity, these ‘connectors’ are people within the organisation/society whose responsibility it is to welcome you to the group/ event. If you have any questions, hesitations or needs when joining they are here to answer them! These opportunities have been carefully selected to make sure this support is here for you if you would like it.
  7. Once you have made contact with the connector they can let you know when the next meeting/ event is, how it will run and will arrange with you when to attend. Some of the connectors are also able to offer an initial meet-up or check-in before you fully join. With many of the opportunities focused towards people experiencing loneliness or poor mental health, they are used to and always happy to help in whichever way you need!
  8. Attend your first event!
How to use